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BMS Player

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Please read the directions below before you use@noticeInquiries, bug reports, opinions would be emailed to ( ) or written as comments on the developer's blog ( ) for prompt responds and modifications.
@What kind of app is this?
BMS is abbreviation for 'Be-Music Script', a widely used file format. With this application, you will be able to play BMS ,which had been only available on PC, on Android enjoying rhythm-games with its optimized quality.
BMS - Be-Music ScriptBME - Be-Music ExtendedBML - Be-Music Longnote
@ How do I use this application? (version 3.0)
By running this application, a folder named 'BMS폴더' will be automatically created in your SDcard.Connect to the server, download BMSs uploaded by various users. You can play the downloaded BMSs or add BMSs to the list by adding them to the folder 'BMS'.When the app starts, it automatically recognizes newly added BMSs.
@What functions were added by recent 3.0v updates?
1) By connecting yourself to the Host server, you can share your BMSs with other users throughout the world. 2) Best with tablets, HD resolution(1280*720)3) Solved problems of Korean and Japanese text strings errors. However, the developer suggests using English and the unicode of a file as 'utf-8' if possible.4) The BGA function has been improved for more stable videoplay while gameplaying with videos.5) For low spec users, several configuration options have been added.6) (not available yet) By introducing rank system, you can compare yourself to others worldwidely.
Though this application formally supports BMS with much notes, in case of using a device with limited performance or using a BMS with too much notes, the application may end up with unexpected shutdown.
@Video is not played well
With an unpopular codec, videos may not be played well. Use another codec for encoder instead.In case of a video is not palyed smoothly, choose a lower resolution on BGA resolution configurations.
@What is different from FREE VERSION comparing to PAY VERSION?
- 7KEY- Random mode (mirror, random)- BGA (Animation, video)- Advertisements attatched
@This app was developed onnook HD+, samsung S2
Thanks for your interest on BMSPlayer!